Prince of Wales Island Hunting


Prince of Wales Island Deer hunting season (August 1st - December 31st) attracts visitors from all over. November is peak deer hunting season because our Sitka Blacktail deer are rutting and tend to lose their marbles so they make easy targets.  

Coffman Cove is an ideal base camp for a week-long road hunt.  It is ideal because it is situated near the middle of the island so you can easily hunt the north or south end which are each good hunting at different times.

You can fly right into Coffman Cove and we will pick you up at the float plane dock, escort you to your cabin and set you up w/ a rental vehicle from which you can road hunt the 1500 plus miles of road on Prince of Wales.

Alternatively, you can fly into Klawock or ferry into Hollis and we will deliver your rental vehicle free of charge (provided that you are renting from us for a week or more).  

There is a well-equipped hanging shed on the property for hanging and skinning.  All of our cabins have chest freezers for putting up processed game.


Prince of Wales Island has a plentiful deer population and easily accessible hunting grounds via a vast road system.  For the more rugged outdoorsman/ woman, alpine hunting in September is a great way to go.  There are many mountains on the Island that require varying skill levels to hike.  They provide access to vast alpine hunting grounds.

Lodgers usually fend for themselves, cooking up their bounty in our fully outfitted kitchens.  

Deer tags and license are available at our local store.  License fees can be obtained from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.

I fill up quickly during hunting season so book fast.